Who is TiccTacc ?

TiccTacc is loacted in Germany - Weinheim, being in the middle of Germany, 25 km North of Heidelberg and 60 km South of Frankfurt Airport.

TiccTacc is a family owned business and a 100% online shop. 

Since 1989 we are collecting watches. It first started with a Breitling Geneve 2604 from the 70s and was rapidly expanded by another Breitling 81950 Chronomat and a 16600 Rolex Sea Dweller.

Over the decades a large number of vintage watches we did call our own. Mainly from HEUER, Breitling  & OMEGA.

Since that time my heart beats for Vintage watches - strictly Vintage - so almost all watches we sell are produced before the year 2000.

As collector I know how important it is, to receive exactly the watch which has been ordered - and how it feels when its visa versa. So I decided to step into the watch selling business to improve especially the customer experience in the world of watch selling.

TiccTacc does focus on outstanding quality - VERY GOOD is the lowest quality we would like to offer. From that we go via MINT to NOS items in our portfolio. We dont sell parts - but accessories and rare bracelets.

Service is key to us and the following elements are ensured:

- All watches have been inspected by us. To ensure we have seen also every watch from the inside.

- Battery driven movements we do service on our own and we do that for almost all watches we sell in this area. Our workshop is equipped with all the necessary high end tools and we benefit from a strong network of original parts. Some parts we can manufacture on our own e.g. the polarization foil/filters in the background of a LCD or special mass contact pins.

- Saying that authenticity is key. And we do our very best to turn every watch into a 100% original item. Only watch crystals we exchange - if necessary - by either high quality glass or by hand made crystals in case its an exotic glass format. If we need to manufacture a part - see above we inform our customer proactive. Plexiglass crystals are kept for almost 100% original.

- TiccTacc doesn't service for externals. We want to keep our precious time fully dedicated to our watches we sell and to our customers.

- We put a lot of thinking in packaging & shipping. We know the odd feeling waiting for a watch to arrive or a parcel being received with a strange packaging. We go behind every single parcel until we know its in the hands of our client.

Transparency from the beginning is key to us. You see it in our super macro pictures, our honest descriptions of the items but also in the way we take care for the watches we sell and the service we offer.

Be invites to be part of the TiccTacc community by joining us as customer or as follower on our Instagram account TiccTacc.

kind regards 

Have fun collecting & wearing (!) your watches !

Brit Peters